måndag 13 februari 2012

The girl who fell for the guy from the sky

 Hello my name is Clara. Say what is true love? That´s a question I´ve asked myself after the last two tries in getting together with someone who I wanted to feel true love with. And to answer one question about whether I was the one to ask no it wasn´t me it was they who came towards me and asked me out. But don´t get me wrong for a while I did really love them but then suddenly they just said that they didn´t want anything to do with me at all. But I won´t fall so low to cry everyday because of it because I can take care of myself.

I woke up early in the morning and it was quiet in the house. Everyone else slept in their rooms but my alarm clock kept making sounds which are meant to make me to wake me up. I turned it off and rose up from the bed. I as usual changed my clothes to clothes I was going to wear to the school. Then I went to the kitchen in order to prepare breakfast. When I was done with the breakfast I prepared for school and then went outside. On the way to school I was stopped by a man who claimed to know me but the worst part of it was when I was going to leave him because he is so strange he grabbed my hand, went down on his knee and kissed my hand. I must admit that he is quite charming but still that a complete stranger would do something like this seems just unreal. He had clear-blue eyes, short-blond hair and glittering skin. Actually if I didn´t know better I would say that he was a… Angel. But everyone knows that there is no such thing as angels in the world. The man rose up from the ground and whispered in my ear “We will meet again in the place where you least expect me to be.” After that he walked away. For a while I looked surprised about what who was going on but then I suddenly remembered school. I barely made it in time before class had begun and I was welcomed by my two best friends who told me about a rumor who had been going around in town. “There is a rumor that there is a handsome guy with blue eyes and short blond hair who goes around looking for something or someone. Oh… if it would be one of us then who knows what will happen?” after they were finished I told them about the guy I met on the road and both of them just bursted out in a “No way!!!” and they wanted to hear more about it so I had no choice but to tell them a piece of the story every break but I had to retell them it several times because of how long the breaks is and how many we have.

Finally when the school day had ended I went home and started to think about what who had really happened today. What he said to me “We will meet again in the place where you least expect me to be.” I didn´t tell my parents about what had happened today because firstly I don´t think that they will believe me and secondly because we don´t get along with each others. Actually the only way to show their care for me is that they are taking care of my economics but they wouldn´t want to make contact with me unless its necessary so that´s why I don´t care about them at all. Not long after I had finished grumbling I suddenly felt that my eyes felt heavy like someone just had hit them with small but heavy hammers. I looked around me and saw that I was in a flower field but I didn´t recognize me at all as if I had been teleported through my dream to a place that is far away from earth. While I was sitting among the flowers I felt some sort of a harmony which overflowed me. Suddenly I heard a voice coming towards me and when it came up close I saw that it was a horse which made a sign with its head that said that I was supposed to follow him. I followed the horse and on the way we passed a forest until we got to another flower field but this one had a castle in the back and among the flowers was someone lying and seemed to be waiting for something. I recognized him it was the guy I met on the way. It was the guy who kissed my hand all of a sudden. Suddenly he rose up from the ground and then he looked into my eyes for a few seconds until he suddenly ran towards me and hugged me. He told me that it had felt like a whole eternity since we had met last time though it was just this morning we had met each others. One thing´s at least certain about him and that is that he sure is weird.

I then got a flashback which showed the day just before my ex left me and both of them apparently hugged then. Beginning to think that, that was the cause of why they left me and also starting to get an uncomfortable feeling I tried to push him away several times but just now he was like a animal who was claiming its prey. I started to get panic and it seemed like he had noticed it too because he suddenly asked me “What´s wrong” “Please don´t…” looking even more confused by my answer he asked once again “Please don´t what??” I had resisted many times against his hug for naught and now it showed its price. I fell down with no power in my legs to stand up again and tears also started to fall down from my eyes. He didn´t expect this and he asked me “What is it?!” This time he asked with a worried voice. “Every time I hug a boy I like then the next day he says he doesn´t want to have anything to do with me anymore and also gives off a strange aura and not only that he joins the worst kind of group he can find in the whole society.” He hugged me harder laughed a bit and said “Are you already starting to fall for me, staring to worry about me and also it was you who said that the people who you liked were the ones who changed.” I started to get angry but he then said “I will never ever leave your side. Why would I do that when I want to spend my life together with you?” he then took his hand and placed it on my head and then he pushed my head towards his shoulder and told me to not hold it back but instead that I should cry it all out or else it would just hurt myself. Suddenly the alarm clock started yelling again. I quickly turned it off and went up. At school was the first thing I heard was that the rumor had changed that the mysterious boy had found the one he has searched for and the woman he had searched for and her name was… They were just about to tell me the rest when suddenly the teacher entered the classroom and told us that a new student was going to start in our class tomorrow.

Everyone started to whisper to each other’s except for me of course. But the teacher stopped everyone´s whispering and instead started the lesson. I spended time with my friends until the night came and when I got home the others were already asleep. Not long after I laid down in my bed and suddenly my eyes closed and I was whizzed to the flower field again in my dream. The horse came once again and showed me the way to the place where he was. This time he was sitting on a rock with white clothes and when he saw me he jumped down from the stone and ran towards me. But this time he took my hand and pulled me towards the stone which we just seconds after he had taken my hand we were sitting on together. I looked at him with a shy face and asked him “You sure you won´t say now that you´re gonna leave me now are you?” he looked at me surprised at first but then he smiled and said “Why would I ever leave you if I love you? Besides remember what I told you yesterday my opinion hasn´t changed I will never leave your side.” I looked him in the eyes and I could see that he was telling me the truth. We were still holding hands and now I tightened my grip. He smiled towards me and took his other hand towards my shoulder that were furthest away from him and hugged me. “I will never betray your trust nor your love” I hugged him back and a moment later I woke up to that damn alarm clock. In school the talk about the transfer student was the highest topic but the only thing I could think about was him. The angel who seemed to have come out of heaven just for my sake. Suddenly the teacher entered the classroom and following him was a guy with blue eyes, blond hair, black shirt and jeans. But there was also another one following them who had brown hair, green eyes, white shirt and was also wearing jeans. When they had come inside everyone’s eyes were fixated on the blond haired boy but strangely after I just had glimpsed the blond boy who looked like my mysterious boy my were my eyes fixated in the boy with brown hair.

“This here is Steven and Paul, both of them is starting in this class today. Actually we got to know that Paul was going to begin here just moments after I made it official that Steven was going to begin here yesterday. So make sure you make these people feel welcome here ok.” Steven took the empty seat by the mirrors while Paul took the seat that was just behind me. The lunch break came and unexpectedly Steven walked towards me and asked me to follow him to the roof. I nodded to him surprisingly and followed him to the roof. He asked me if I had met someone who looks just like him. I asked him why he wondered and he answered “I´m searching for that guy. I took this shape of the guy in order to see if I could get any weird expression when I would appear. And when everyone was surprised you were the only one who had an expression who stood out of everyone. Your expression wasn´t that of you looked at a stranger but that of someone you recognized and you were the only one to look away just second after you had seen me like you already knew that I was a fake. Now why is that? Steven looked serious and seemed to have lost his patience. “I don´t know you just looked like one I had seen a long time ago and the person I mixed you up with is actually my brother who I don´t have any contact with any more but he does have the same kind of hair but not eyes and what the hell was that about you changed your shape. What are you a shape shifter?” I lied… but not entirely. True he resembles my brother at hair but the one he was searching for was the guy who is visiting my dreams and my question to him was also real.

Steven took his hand upon his face and turned his head from side to side. He laughed and said “Me a shape shifter?! Hahahaha. That´s the best one I´ve heard in years but no I´m not a shape shifter. I can tell you the truth but then you have to promise me that you won´t tell anyone about it or else you´re dead ok?” I nodded without hesitation. “Good. Do you know what a demon and an angel is? Of course that´s a silly question. But this didn´t you know demons hunts angels who are important in order to make sure that the world doesn´t get in danger. The guy I´ve taken the shape of is also one of those angels and by the way I´m one of those demons who are hunting angels and the guy I´m searching for is protecting… huh? What was it now again??? I don´t remember… but I will ask my father today so I will tell you tomorrow. But I do know that the whole order I got was to kill him and take what he is protecting to the underworld with me. Do you believe me?” I nodded afraid that if I wouldn´t then he would kill me. “You know you sure are a good listener. Ok I´ve decided from this day forward you´re my only friend from this dimension and when the earth is facing distinction then I will take you with me to the underworld and from then you will get to live with me. Let´s meet here tomorrow so I can tell you the rest ok see you tomorrow up here.” After that he went inside but I was too scared to even move but I could sit down and when I was down on my knees I was shaking. What I didn´t know was that Paul was watching me from a distance with a serious expression upon his face but with guilty eyes like he was hurting to see what have happened. That night I had a hard time getting to sleep. Firstly I didn´t want to have to confront this to him and secondly what would I say? Just pretend that the meeting with Steven never happened or what? But I couldn´t think anymore before my eyes closed.

In my dream I was once again on the flowerbed and as usual came the horse but this time I didn´t want to follow it. “I can´t face him not after what who has happen” was what was going through my mind. The horse went towards me and told me to jump up. But when I refused the horse did something that made a lot of small glittering white powder to surround me and that powder lifted me up from the ground and made me sit upon the horse. When I was in place the horse started running so I wouldn´t be able to get off. On the road we passed the place where we usually would meet each other and when the horse stopped we were in front of a big lake who looked like it was made out of crystals. Suddenly something rose up from the water and when I looked closely I saw an angel and not any ordinary one either. No it was him. The angel Steven is hunting and the angel who has captured my heart. But he seemed down today and wasn´t running towards him like he usually does. Actually the one who started crying was him. I ran towards him and hugged him and he said with smooth and sad voice “I´m sorry I put you in such a dangerous position… I hope you don´t hate me especially now that you know the truth about me.” “What? That you´re an angel? What´s wrong with that? I can´t even count the number of girls who would want their boyfriend to be an angel?” When I had finished my question he stopped crying and looked me in the eyes to find out find out if I wasn´t lying. Then he wiped of his tears and hugged me and as he had done before he took his hand upon my head and pressed it towards his shoulder and said “Thanks, now´s your turn. Don´t try to act cool when you also want to cry waterfalls.” Feeling safe with him by my side I allowed my tears to flood from my eyes. While I cried he said ”I´m glad that you can trust me as much as you do. I´m also glad that he didn´t do anything to you.

 Then suddenly I woke up to that damn alarm again. In school everything was as it should be except that Paul seems to be stalking me but thanks to that does it seem that Steven won´t go nearby me. Well that was until the lunch break came when he once again asked me to follow him to the roof. This time he didn´t even care to ask if I really didn´t know the angel he´s searching for, which was good news for me. No this time he was going to talk about what his father had told him about what that angel was protecting. “I heard this from Saten, in other words my father that the thing the angel is protecting is actually my sister or brother. I know it sounds strange but when my father had a mission to go to the human world in order to kill an angel he fell in love with a human girl. Well that´s at least what he thought until the angel showed up to be an angel. Saten who already had given birth to me a few days before the child was born from the angel had to take care of the angel child because she couldn´t because of rules so Saten took the child to a foster home. So now I got the mission to find that child and take it with me to the underworld. But because of that Saten didn´t think too much about which sex the child has so is it only more difficult to find it but one thing that the angels has made a mistake in which we hasn´t is that the angels usually sends a angel in the opposite sex of the one they are protecting which makes us able to pinpoint which sex it has which has led us to that the child which I am searching for is a woman. And one more thing about my sister is the power she possesses. She holds the power to make an ordinary and plain demon into the ruler of hell himself. She can also make an angel into the most holy one ever but she can make it turn around too so that a demon becomes holy and an angel becomes evil. I heard rumors about a girl who somehow has turned really kind guys into the worst kind which is directly below us demons. Ever heard of her?” I answered very calmly “I´ve heard about her but I don´t know who it is.”

Steven looked down in the ground “That´s too bad. I really wanted to meet her you know. Oh I know.” “Know what?” “I´ll just have a date with every girl in our class and see if I can feel something from them. Don´t worry I´ll save you for last because of that you´ve listened to me as much as you have we´ll have the best one.” He grinned while he said the last part and right after that he left me alone on the roof. I sat down on the roof and the shaking from before had come back. The story he told me was just too scary to be real and the part about how I was born and that Steven was my brother is just unimaginable. Suddenly I felt a hand on my right shoulder but when I turned to right I didn´t see anyone. But when I looked at left I saw Paul sitting next to me. Of course I was surprised and I had hoped that he didn´t hear what we had talked about so I was about to stand up but then he pressed me down again and said “Trust me.” I relaxed because I recognized his warmth and his words. I said “You know what? You´ve told me that you want to spend your future with me and you have always comforted me but can´t you at least tell me your name?” “You already know it it´s Paul.” I was happy and my heart told me over and over again that this is where I´m supposed to be “Paul who am I really” “You´re the daughter to both an angel and a demon. But that doesn´t change that you´re Clara.” I gave him a huge smile and hugged him and he hugged me back. This night´s dream was different from the others in my dream which is usually taken place in a flower field was now in a big castle and there was no one else there except for servants who were guarding doors and it seemed that they were busy with their work. Suddenly a servant who was like a replica of my fake father came and told me to follow him. While I was following him we passed a lot of sculptures and wonderful paintings.

When the servant stopped we stood in front of a big door and the servant opened the door. Inside were a big room who looked like a bedroom and sitting by the window was no other than Paul. He seemed to have his mind somewhere else so I took careful steps towards him and then I surprised him. His reaction was funny but when he saw that it was me he hugged me. Paul then explained that this place was his home in the sky and also that every time we usually meet each other’s we meet at the garden but this time was different because he wanted me to meet his parents. We went to a big room who was filled with flying angels but without wasting to mutch time there we passed the room, went by a hallway and went into another big room who also a big bedroom but it was bigger than Paul´s. inside were two angels sitting on two of the chairs in the room, waiting. It seemed that they were waiting for us because they stood up when they saw us coming. The male introduced himself as Paulo and the female introduced herself as Marie. They told me the same story as Steven told me but this time the angels version that the woman had just hindered a whole city from being destroyed and that she had no idea that it was a demon and because of that I had taken shape and that she was forced to abandon me. I was really surprised when they said that my mother actually is Marie´s sister and they also told me that she has been missing for quite some time now. “In order to save the world we need your powers as an angel but they need your powers as a demon to destroy it” Said Paulo. “I won´t follow their way even if they force me.” I felt proud of my answer and the angels smiled. After talking a bit more to Paulo and Marie, both I and Paul went back to his room. Where we started planning on what we were going to do about Stevens plan. But after just have said a few things he told me that he would never let Steven do anything against me because he loves me. Even though I knew what he felt for me I started to blush and then he went to me and gave me a kiss. It was my first kiss with him and it felt so right but also that something wrong was happening but I didn´t even try to figure out what because just then I was stuck in the moment.

Suddenly I woke up in my bed but the feeling of the kiss remained. In school it seemed that more than a day since Steven told me about his plans. And actually in the morning he told me that he just had three persons left in the whole class amongst girls. He also told me that if he didn´t find the girl among those who were left he would begin with the others by using the information he´s got from the ones he already had dated. During two breaks he asked two other girls in my class about if they could get to the roof and just second later they got back and during both had Steven a both sad and happy face on. When the lunch break came he went to me and asked the question which made me terrified “Come let´s have our date up on the roof.” After he said that he put a grin upon his face, took my hand and pulled me up to the roof. He said on the way that if I would resist to much he would kill someone in the class. Up on the roof he let go of my hand and smiled. The first thing he did was that he hugged me. But I didn´t want him to and I who only felt certain when Paul did it tried to break through his hug. But no matter how much I tried to release his grip he wouldn´t let go. Suddenly Steven got a huge smile upon his face and he also started to laugh. “Oh Clara, you have no idea of how much I enjoy feeling your powers don´t you? I´ve been looking for looking for my sister all this time but to think that you would be her. Man I love you.” “Huh?!” His eyes were looking at me in an evil way and his laugh changed from an ordinary hard laughter to an evil laugh. He said then with words who sounded like he was desperate “I don´t care that you´re my sister. I´ll have you as my bride instead. You can´t run away from me anymore.” After having to hear him burst into another of his laughter my thoughts were focused about that it had happened again that I had turned him evil just because of that hug.

I apologized and he looked surprised at me and asked me why. I then told me that I had changed him with my hug but he said “What are you talking about? Only humans are so weak that they change when they hug you. This is the real me. I´ve kept a low profile in order to get close to the students.” I was scared how could I be anything else? Suddenly he pulled me together with himself towards the middle where he started to riming and when he was done a big circle with a lot if words around it appeared. It looked like a pentagram actually and it was almost right by our feet’s. “This is a gateway to the underworld. I´ll be taking you there whether you want to or not.” He then started to lose his grip around me and I broke through. I was just about to start running away from there when he grabbed my hand and then he created a rope from his other hand which by dark magic bound me. He then lifted me and placed my on his back like one does with a bag. Then he said “I already told you didn´t I? Whether you want to or not you´re coming with me.” He still looked with evil eyes and in my mind I kept on screaming his name “Paul”. It seemed like he had heard me because suddenly he stood there behind Steven and right in front of me. He had anger in his eyes and without spending to mutch time he took out a knife made by holy powers into his hand. He ran towards us in an unimaginable speed and when he was close he cut the ropes. Right after he took me to a safe distance from Steven and all this in just a matter of seconds. Paul had rescued me or did he? Steven slowly turned towards Paul and you could see that he was really anger but all his anger was turned towards Paul. He smiled a fake smile with hateful eyes and asked “Paul do you even know what you´re getting in to? For you not to change while holding MY sister must mean you´re not an ordinary guy. Tell me are you the angel I´m searching for?”

Paul created a huge grin on his face and then I realized that he had changed but how? He has taken my hugs often without he even changed. But maybe it was the… kiss. That would actually explain it a lot. “Oh what have I done” Those were the words that were going through my head. Fortunately for me seemed Paul more focus on Steven than what I was thinking about. Suddenly Paul said “What makes you think that you own her don´t forget that it was my mother´s sister who was the one actually gave birth to her and for that matter we love each other while you´re just forcing her. And lastly so what if I am the angel you´re searching for?” Steven was surprised and laughed loudly and said “This is just great! The one I was searching for was actually my cousin and more importantly he has already started to become affected by Clara. I´ll take you both back to the underworld with me and then we can both has her as our bride because in the underworld the rules are very few.” Steven started creating more dark power from his hand and he threw it towards us. The dark power looked like two tentacles and the first thing it did when it grabbed us was that it separated me from Paul. Then I saw that Steven casted the end of the black powers into the pentagram one at the time. I saw when the pentagram slowly but safely began to pull in the dark power and each pull moved Paul towards the pentagram until is then devoured him. Then Steven threw in the other one which was the one I was bounded to. Before I came into the circle of the pentagram the pulling suddenly stopped. It seemed like Steven wanted to say something before I was pulled down. He walked to me and whispered in my ear “Welcome home my dear sister.” Directly after the pulling started again until I too was devoured by the pentagram.

Without me noticing it I fell unconscious and the darkness took me into a deep abyss. Suddenly I woke up by someone pushing me from side to side and when I looked who it was I saw Paul who looked like he had returned to normal compared to before. When I looked around it looked like we were in a dark red room and it looked like we were neither in my daily nor Paul´s dimension. It was then I understood that we either were in hell or this underworld Steven talked about. Paul seemed to cool down when I was up and he told me to be careful because he had no idea what who was going to happen. Suddenly the red door to the room we were in opened and in came Steven and a demon that looked like a demon. I hadn´t noticed until now that I had been put into bed but I don´t remember when or why. Suddenly Steven ran towards the bed and jumped upon it while saying “You´re finally awake I was getting bwored” I laughed when I heard his last word he said while he landed on the bed and Steven also started laughing. Paul was on his guard while he was here you could even see the barrier that was around him. Steven put up a serious face when he saw it and tried to force his hand through it but with no success. Paul then saw his chance and ran towards me and pulled me into the barrier to prevent the demons to get to close with me. Then the other demon who seemed to be Saten walked towards us with a grin upon his face. He then collected even more dark powers then what I´ve yet seen what Steven has. Saten then also tried to force his hand through and this time did something happen, in fact when Saten tried he managed to break the whole barrier into pieces. Saten pulled me into his arms and whispered in my ear “My dear daughter. How I´ve missed you.” “Ok that´s enough!” after I said those words I pushed him away and looked with angry eyes towards him.

“You missed me? Don´t make me laugh! If you would have really even cared about me you wouldn´t have left me in that foster house at all and if you wouldn´t have done that then I wouldn´t have to live with a fake family that I more than dislikes. Have you ever thought of how I felt now have you?” After my words I could see that Saten was paralyzed by my words and that he had guilty eyes upon his face. I felt that I wanted to talk out so I continued with the others in the room “Paul don´t get me wrong. I love you but it´s not because of that you´re an angel. I love you for who you are. Now Steven. The very first time we met you threatened me and every time we met on the roof you scared me so much that I almost couldn´t move. Then out of the blue you say that you´re my brother and then you kidnap me. How am I supposed to accept you as my brother? And finally Paul you said that my mother has disappeared, where is she? Why did she disappear? I´ve got tons of questions I want to ask but all everyone of you do is creating new ones to replace the old ones….” But before I could say anymore walked Paul towards me and hugged me. He said with a low voice “I don´t know where your mother is but if I did you would be the first one to hear about it. I don´t want to keep any secrets from you.” I could feel warm tears that were falling from his eyes and I said “Don´t cry. Hey if you worry about whether I will stop loving you or not then you already know that my love for you will never disappear.” He looked at me with eyes which were as dark blue as the deepest part of the ocean. He hugged me once again and suddenly a bright white light surrounded us. Then Steven said “Father They´ve already found them what are we going to do?” but Saten didn´t answer and then I felt wings coming out of Paul´s back. Paul told me to hold me tight so I wouldn´t fall off and then he took off from ground.

I don´t know how long we flew but I didn´t want to ever stop. But suddenly I felt ground under my feet once again and then I knew that we were back. I looked around and saw that we stood on the school roof once again but I noticed that there was something different with Paul. Because he had a different aura then what he had before but who know maybe the underworld hid his aura because of the many dark auras there. Before I knew it he suddenly kissed me but this time it seemed like he hungered after it, he was completely different from what he used to be. When we were done I felt that his aura became even deeper and evil and if that wasn´t enough had one of his wings become black and the hand that were on the same side of him as the black wing had grown claws. I started to become scared and it seemed like he felt it because just mini seconds later he hugged me and whispered in my ear now with a gentle voice “Don´t worry my love for you won´t change even if I do.” I could hear in his voice that he was struggling against the darkness and I couldn´t help but to feel sorry for him. His family was both angels and demons which is not entirely different from me. And now he was about to become a demon himself just because of me. But when he took on his human shape the claws disappeared to and he returned to normal. He told me “Seems like I can only use my wings in emergencies because it seems like I can´t completely control them yet.” He saw I looked like I was blaming myself for everything and then he hugged me harder than before. Suddenly the ground stated shaking and the portal started to give of a blazing red shine. Both of us ran from there as fast as we could and we ended up at my place. I let him sleep over with me because I didn´t want his parents to look at the state he is in now. Before we went to bed he said “I´m certain that it was Steven and Saten who were coming through the portal that we felt before. Good thing we ran away from there or else we would have gotten kidnapped by him again.”

I didn´t want to even think about what would happen if that were to happen. I was teleported once again in my dream to heaven but this time I was in front of Paul´s parents and next to me was a hurt Paul lying down unconscious on the floor. The first thing I did was tending to his wounds the I woke him up after that I asked what who had happened but the one who answered me was Paulo “The question should really be how come Paul is on his way to become a demon and why were you in the underworld realm? The one punished him was of course us but…” I looked at them with both anger in my eyes and tears running down from them. Suddenly Paul took my hand and waved his head at both sides. But I ignored that and said to them “You really want to know? Well then I´ll tell you. Firstly the reason for us being in the underworld was because we got kidnapped by Steven who appeared to be my brother. And the reason of Paul being in the state he is right now is completely my fault. I can´t control the powers I´ve been granted by my parents.” Paul hugged me and said “Don´t blame yourself for something that was originally my mission.” I looked down I didn´t want to face his pained expression on his face but his parents didn´t look impressed and waved their hands that Paul was supposed to go to them. When he got to his father’s side he started to whisper with him. But when they were done they told me heartbreaking news. They told me that Paul wasn´t going to come back until he was cleansed from the evil power that had engulfed him and also that they didn´t know how long it would take. With tears in my eyes I woke up in my bed to the alarm clock only to find that Paul was no longer there. I know where he is but there is no way I can reach him even if I want to.

In school I saw my friends and Steven but Paul wasn´t there today but what did I expect I knew that he wasn´t going to reappear just like that in such a small time. When the lunch break began Steven as usual asked me to come with him to the roof where the first thing he did was hug me. Then he asked what who had happened with Paul reconsidering that he wasn´t in school today. And I told the truth to him because it wouldn´t matter would it reconsidering that he only chases him because we are related, or is that the only reason? Then he said with a surprised voice “Wait a minute! Are you saying that Paul won´t return until they have ‘cleansed’ him?” I nodded and he was putting on a huge grin upon his face and said “Then all I have to do is disturb his ‘cleansing’ and he will come automatically.” I didn´t like his plan, not at all but no matter how much I tried to talk him out of it he wouldn´t listen. Just because of the reason that he is a demon. He told me to meet him after school but I don´t plan to come. When the last lesson was clear I saw that Steven ran towards the roof or so at least I thought. I talked with my friends and decided to go together with them home. We came out and were about to go from the school yard when suddenly it started to shake just as it did yesterday. Suddenly a red flash came down on the school´s roof. Of course was my friends surprised about it but I wasn´t because I had a feeling that it was someone from the underworld who was coming and from the amount of shaking I would say that it was a whole army but a small one. Suddenly I felt someone grabbing my arm from behind and when I looked I saw Steven who had a serious face upon him. He asked me “Wasn´t you supposed to meet me on the roof? Well no matter come my father and his army is waiting for us.” He then pulled me all the way to the roof where Saten was waiting. When he saw that I had come he smiled. Behind him was demons with red armors and all of them had swords.

Saten said “Steven has told me about what who had happened with Paul but what I thought was strange was that you didn´t try to stop it.” I became angry or sad I didn´t know which of it, it was but I said in an angry tone “It´s not like I wanted him to but before I could say anything they forced me back to my room.” I felt tears who was fell from my eyes but suddenly went both Steven and Saten to me and hugged me and said “And they call us demons! Doing something like that should be called horrible too.” I was surprised of what they said. Are demons really evil? Suddenly Saten stopped hugging me and turned towards the army. Saten told them “This time we´ll infiltrate heaven in order to save an angel who is about to become alike one of us. They look at us like a disease let´s prove they´re wrong.” Everyone in the army raised their weapon into the air and stated to create dark magic around them until everyone was covered and when it disappeared the so did the warriors. I asked Saten where they had gone to and Steven calmly said “They´re already at the scene. They are just waiting for our arrival.” Saten said then “I´ll go on ahead. Steven make sure that you take care of Clara.” Steven nodded and Saten made his leave the same way as the warriors. Steven turned towards me and looked me in the eyes after he had loosened his grip around me. He then said “As you heard wanted me to protect you and then he means that where ever you choose to go I will be with you to protect you. So if you want to come too then I will come too if you don´t want to then I won’t either. Trust me if an angel comes I will surely…” but before Steven could finish his sentence I said “I´ll go too. I don´t want to just stay here and watch when the one I love is in pain.” Steven looked with a serious face towards me and said “If something should happen I wouldn´t be able to face myself.” I knew that he didn´t want me to come with to the battlefield and then I looked with stubborn eyes towards him. “I know, I know. Man you´re exactly like me you sure are as stubborn as I am. Well I guess that´s one thing more we have in common.”

He smiled for that and then he drew me closer to him and when we were as close as it was almost a hug he started to create dark power that was swarming around us like a smokescreen. I looked up and saw a portal above us which had been created by Steven´s dark power. “Hug me and don´t let go.” I nodded to him and hugged him. Then I could feel that wings grew from his back and when I looked at it I saw wings that looked like gigantic bat wings. Suddenly he stated to wave with them up and down and then we lift off from the ground and went through the portal. Just moments later we landed in the flower field where the others were waiting for us. Steven then asked “How did you know that we were coming?” Saten then answered “Because you´re your father up in the day.” Both of them then laughed with each others. I then said “Come with me I know the way to the entrance to the castle.” Both of them stopped laughing and nodded. Then they all followed my lead. Just seconds after we stood hid in a forest close to the entrance to the castle. By the entrance stood two angels guarding but they couldn´t see us because of the trees. Before Steven could stop me I went to them and asked where the place where one goes through cleansing was. At first they were suspicious of who I was but then they answered that it was by the Crystal Lake in the garden. I thanked them and walked back to the place where the others were waiting. Steven was a bit angry of what I did and asked “Why did you go and do that what if they recognized you. Then what?” “I´m sorry but thanks to this I got valuable information about that they are doing the cleansing by the Crystal Lake which I also know where it is.” Saten nodded and they followed me to the crystal lake where Paul, Paulo, Marie and some guards were.

Paul wore a robe and sat by the lake while Paulo kept on saying some holy words. Saten said “Good they haven´t begun yet let´s take the opportunity.” Steven told me to stay here and wait for the opportunity to take him back. I nodded and Steven followed Saten and his men into the ground to start the fight. It took just seconds before the fight had stated. The warriors fought against each others. Meanwhile Saten fought against Paulo and Steven fought against Marie. The fight wasn´t bloody but it felt just creepy but it didn´t last long. In fact it just took a moment for the demons to win (the warriors). The most of the angels were unconscious it was just Paul and Marie left. Saten joined Steven in order to take down Marie meanwhile one of the demon warriors made a signal for me to go. I ran as fast as I could and managed to come through the battle between Marie, Steven and Saten. Paul looked at me confused eyes when he saw me and asked “Why? I was about to become that angel you met at the beginning” “Wasn´t it you who told me that you would love me even if you change? You knew that this would happen from the beginning what changed your mind?” while I asked this I cried and screamed. Paul smiled at me, raised my head towards him who was now standing in front of me and kissed me. Marie had already given up when she saw what we were doing and the demons were smiling. But suddenly Paul raised his left claw and cut me while we were kissing. Steven was the first one to run towards me to catch me while I was falling to the ground. When we looked towards Paul we could see that his wings had become one of the demons and his hair had become black while his eyes were burning red. He was crazy beyond understanding and when I tried to hug him in order for him to stop he pushed me away while laughing.

Steven created a sword from his dark powers and started fighting Paul who fought back easily. The time I had spent together with him started to flash right before my eyes and tears just fell from my eyes. I shaped a grip with my hand which seemed to look like a grip who was holding something and by using both dark and light powers I created a sword made by my love and sadness. Just before I knew it I saw Steven flying past me because Paul had pushed him away. I then took my chance and ran towards him and stabbed him with the sword his stomach was what I thought at least. I screamed “no” of sadness and then I felt something go through my stomach. Paul used his powers to kill me with his claws because of that the claws he has is filled with poison which is really lethal. I smiled when I was down to see that I only had scratched him and then I was falling down to the ground. When I had landed then Paul regained his senses and ran towards me, now in his angelic wings on his back. Steven and the other demons ran towards me in full speed. Everyone was crying while I was lying there dying. I took both Paul and Stevens hand and said “I´m so happy that I´ve met you all and I don´t regret a thing at all. Thanks for all you´ve done for me.” Sadly Paul screamed “We promised each other´s!! That we always would love each other’s forever.” I smiled and said with a low voice “He he. Fool I won´t stop loving you even if I die.” Steven screamed desperately “No don´t go! I just got to know that you´re my sister so don´t just go out on me now!” I smiled towards him and kissed him on the cheek while I just smiled towards Saten and the others. That was the last thing I did before I died and my body crumbled to ashes. The end!

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